North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc

Cycled Cooling

Includes both Central Air Conditioners and Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Electricity is sold for 5.5 cents per kWh for ASHP pnly.

  • Electricity is available to run the central air-conditioners and air-source heat pumps except during peak periods. During peak periods, the units are cycled ON and OFF in 15 minute intervals. The cycling can continue up to 6 hours per occurrence and up to 200 hours per year.

  • Ductless systems do NOT qualify for load management programs.

  • If installing a new system, give some thought to installing an Air Source Heat Pump which not only cools the home in the summer months, but will also heat it in the winter months, reducing yearly heating costs. Some Air Source Heat Pumps can be as much as 300% efficient and are allowed on North Itasca Electric's Dual Fuel program, reducing heating costs even further.


Cycled cooling is not available to those on the Northome substation. Minnkota Power does not have a Cycled Air Conditioning program.

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