North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc

Load Control Information

Great River Energy Control Hours
Monday, March 10th through Friday, March 14th

  Program     Start     Stop    
Morning     PSWH86:3010:30
Evening     PSWH818:3022:30

Below are websites for Minnkota's ripple control in the Northome area and Great River Energy's control for the remainder of our system:

Minnkota's control hours:

  • Green (On) indicates your heating system is not being controlled.

  • Red (Off) indicates your heating system is being controlled.

Great River Energy's control hours

  • Find and click the load management tab. Look for "North Dual Fuel."

    • "Unlikely" means that there is little chance of control

    • "Likely" means that it is most likely you will be controlled.

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