North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc

Board of Directors

 Larry Salmela (Vicky)
President - District 3
(218) 780-9712

 Jeffrey Kilian (Christine)
Vice President - District 8
(218) 832-3770

 Lloyd Kongsjord (Amber))
Secretary - District 5
(218) 832-2842

  Roy Bain (Toni)
Treasurer - District 9
(218) 246-8850

  Walter Breeze (Marlys)
Director - District 6
(218) 897-5023

  Mary Rahier (Mitchell)
Director - District 4
(218) 245-1632

 Bruce Leino (Sandy)
Director - District 7
(218) 659-4299

  Wesley Waller (Sharon)
Director - District 2
(218) 659-4698

  James White (Connie)
Director - District 1
(218) 897-5753


Becoming a Director

The bylaws of the Cooperative state that it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to appoint a committee on nominations prior to the annual meeting in June.

The committee shall propose and post at the principal office of the Cooperative at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting, a list of nominations for director, which said list shall consist of one or more candidates from each election district in which the term of the incumbent director shall expire at the next annual meeting of the members.

The duty of the nominating committee is to select, propose, and post a list of candidates for director for Districts whose directors' terms have expired.

Members of the Cooperative are urged to contact a nominating committee person or alternate, and let them know if you have a candidate for the Board of Directors. All candidates selected should be qualified by the nominating committeeperson prior to the meeting to make certain that if elected, he/she would serve in the capacity of director for a period of three years in his/her district. Each candidate must be a Member of the Cooperative and a bona fide resident of the district having director elections.