North Itasca Electric Co-operative, Inc

Electric Heaters

Base Board Heaters  

baseboard heater

Electric base board heater can be purchased from North Itasca Electric. Electric base board heater can be placed on North Itasca Electric's dual Fuel rate if there is a Propane or fuel oil backup system able to supply 100% of the homes heating needed during the control periods.

Electric Boilers  

electric boiler

Electric boilers are used in hydronic systems were water is heated and distributed thru the home by water base board heater, in-floor tubing and water coils. If a propane or fuel oil boiler is installed in conjunction with this electric boiler, the energy the boiler consumes can be sold at the Dual Fuel rates available by North Itasca Electric.

Plenum Heaters  

Plenum Heater

Plenum heaters are heating coils installed above gas furnaces using the blower fan to force air based the coil and distributing the heated air to each room in lieu of propane or fuel oil. Being that propane or fuel oil is still available for use, these plenum heaters can be placed on the Dual Fuel rates available by North Itasca Electric.

Water Heaters  

Water Heater

North Itasca Electric has various sizes of water heaters available. Sizes range from 30 to 105 Gallon capacities. The only one available for North Itasca Electric's Storage water heating program is the 105 gallon Marathon designed to store enough hot water to last for a 16-hour period before being charged up again. Weekends and holidays, energy will be provided until 3:00 PM the following day and at the storage energy rate.