Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 15 NO. 9  -  September 2012

Energy Reduction Contest  

Be a winner with or without winning the grand prize. By signing up, you will be agreeing to reduce your energy consumption in October for a chance to win a reduction in your October electric bill.

Contest description/requirements
  • One must be present in home for the full month of October 2012.
  • Usage is compared to 2011 Octoberís usage.
  • No generator use allowed.
  • Electric off-peak heat loads will not be included in usage.
  • Three prizes will be given out.
    • First prize - $100.00 reduction in your energy bill.
    • Second prize - $50.00 reduction in your energy bill.
    • Third prize - $25.00 reduction in your energy bill.

Operation RoundUp to hold grant meeting  

Thanks to the generosity of nearly 80% of the Members of North Itasca Electric Co-op., the Board of Trustees for Operation Round-Up will have approximately $10,000 plus to distribute to various communities and organizations in the area.

The deadline for grant applications is Monday, Oct. 1 at 4:30 p.m.. Application forms along with instructions can be obtained by calling the office at (218) 743-3131 or 1 (800) 762-4048, by e-mail to kathej@nieci.com, online HERE, by contacting your North Itasca Electric Co-op., Inc. Director or by contacting one of the Trust Board Members listed on the continuation page.


Load control receivers working well  

by Jerry Loney

All our members on a "Load Control Program" have had their load control receivers checked for proper operation. These programs consist of: Storage Heat, Storage Water, Interruptible Water, Dual Fuel, cycled Air Conditioning and our retired (Breathe Easy and Freedom Heat) programs.

It is very important that this equipment remain in good working order. Those on one or more of these programs may have noticed that North Itasca Electric has visited your home checking and/or maintaining our load control receiver equipment. The only way we have to verify the operation of our equipment is to physically inspect it onsite.


My view from the board table  

by Wes Waller, Director, District 2

I have come to a conclusion about myself lately. I am a dinosaur, and if I donít adapt I may become extinct. I have the values and ethics that were instilled in me by the World War II generation. I do not intend to change that. My problem is I am a technology dinosaur. My idea of communication is a letter or the telephone or, better yet a gab session at the local coffee shop. I donít Tweet, I am not on Facebook, and I was dragged kicking and screaming into the computer age.

I have to change! I either have to change my way of thinking or I am going to get run over and flattened like a roadkilled skunk.


Roxanne's Sales Talk  

by Roxanne Prather, sales assistant

Safety features on a hot water heater

What is the pressure relief valve and what is the purpose of it?

The proper name is a temperature and pressure relief valve, also called a T&P valve. The T&P valve is at the top of the water heater and is a safety device designed to relieve pressure from the water heater in case of extreme temperatures. Water expands when it is heated, so if a water heater thermostat malfunctions and continues to heat the water nonstop, the tank would eventually explode if it didnít have a relief valve to let the pressure out.


Water Heater Ban  

by Jerry Loney

Starting in 2015, the DOE (Department of Energy) has called for a ban on electric water heaters 55 gallons and larger. Its reasoning does not reflect the views of power suppliers mandated by the state to reduce energy and which are required to use renewable energy resources. By 2025, it will be required that 25% of all energy comes from renewables. A water heaters on an off-peak load control program is a great way to utilize renewable energy. Energy cannot be stored other than placing it in storage water heaters, storage heat or batteries.


September 2012 Calendar of Events 

1 Suomi Area Lakes Association annual meeting, Marcell Family Center. Potluck supper at 5 p.m. Speaker "Firewise" followed by meeting at 6:45 p.m.
3 Labor Day. North Itasca Electric offices closed.
4 School begins, all schools.
6 Storytelling at Marcell Town Hall building, 6:30 p.m. All ages welcome. Coffee and treats. Subject: "Your favorite teacher or your worst teacher story"
7 Edge Gallery exhibits "Migration to the Edge," a collaboration between a photographer, two poets and a calligrapher. Opening reception 5-7 p.m. The Edge Gallery is next to Bigfork School and is open Thurs-Sat, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
8 Bigfork Valley Challenge half marathon and 10k races, 5k walk/run. Registration begins at 7 a.m. at Bigfork Valley, two blocks east of Highway 38, Bigfork. Half marathon begins 8 a.m. Spectators welcome.
8 Annual Bigfork Valley Community Foundation fundraiser, "Night at the Movies," Marcell Family Center, 5:30 p.m. Dinner, games, silent and live auctions. Tickets $30.