Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 8  -  August 2019

CEO Report


We are just mopping up after another summer storm. We had a squall roll through yesterday afternoon that had the crews out until one in the morning. I want to remind everyone that we made a change to our working practices for safety last year. We work in an unforgiving field; we must focus on safety. We now stop the crews after 18 hours of work.

There were about six members, out of the 600 we had out, that didnít get power last night because of 3 broken poles and one very large ravine.

The crews are back out this morning rerouting that line underground, everyone will be back on inside of 24 hours. Everyone made it home safe; thatís fine work for six linemen or three crews. Thank you for being safe and all the hard work.

Today is the day we will count the ballots for District 4. After the count this afternoon, the Board will hear the results and vote to appoint the winning candidate for a one-year term. I want to thank everyone that helped with this special election, especially the roughly 100 members of District 4 that cast their ballot. Member-Owner voting is vital to North Itasca Electric. We need your voice to run the cooperative properly. We are unique because our Member-Owners form us for the communities we serve. I am proud and honored to work for you, at your cooperative!

At the end of July, our board and myself will travel to St. Cloud, Minn. for the Energy Issues Summit. Every cooperative in Minnesota is invited to this educational event. We will hear from several guest speakers, legislators, and professionals in our field. There is a lot to talk about this year.

One of the hot topics is communication. You have done a wonderful job creating our cooperative. We do a lot of great things around our communities beyond our core of distributing electricity to our members. The problem is, not everyone knows our story or why we are different. These people donít know our rich history, how we are formed and run by the communities we serve.

Every year at our annual meeting our Member-Owners vote on By-Laws that govern our cooperative. You vote for your friends and neighbors to govern our fine cooperative as directors. This is democracy at its finest, local and close. If you have a concern, your director is easily accessible.

I hope you are enjoying our summer as it flies by! Iíve made it out fishing a few times, not nearly as much as I intend, though. This weekend my lovely wife and I will celebrate lucky 13 years of marriage! I donít know what I would do without her. Seriously, I lose thingsÖ. I swear I look for them and yet she can walk right up and grab whatever Iím searching for. I hope we can have a little fish fry and maybe some bean bag toss with friends. Iím looking forward to whatever the weekend and years ahead bring.

By your side!

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