Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 9  -  September 2019

CEO Report


Fall is my reminder to get busy preparing for winter. This is a good time to take the air compressor to the fridge coils. I like to go around the inside and outside of my basement to check for any leaks or holes where the creepy crawlers could get in and air can get out. My furnace always gets a once over. Often there is a place to oil the furnace motor, change the filters, and just make sure itís ready before olí man winter is. I like to double check the windows and doors also, looking for air leaks is an easy way to save over the winter months. Donít forget the water heater this fall. I like to hook my hose up and drain out the bottom of the hot water heater. This removes some of the sediment that will build up in your heater from the water.

This is right on the brink of disgusting, talking about winter this soon! Weíve barely had time to enjoy our short summer!

After that, Roxanne would be more than happy to show you some new appliances. If we donít happen to have it, weíll order it in for you. Call us first, you might be pleasantly surprised by our low prices and delivery convenience. Weíre starting to sound a little like the one stop shop!

Our board and I spent time training at the MREA Energy Issues Summit lately. This is a chance to gather as one large group made up of Minnesotaís electrical cooperatives. We have organized classes and plenty of time after hours to discuss the current state of our businesses.

Thatís what I enjoy about the shared cooperative principles; education and cooperation among cooperatives. We take the time to learn together and from one another. North Itasca Electric is a rather small cooperative by comparison, but not when it comes to our shared principles. When cooperatives join forces for a common goal, we are strong and driven. We tackle big issues concerning us at home lock step with the rest of the cooperatives across the state. Trainings like the Energy Issues Summit is where we hear about these issues and make the lasting relationships with cooperatives across the state. This is time well spent for all of us at home and in the industry.

Like I said earlier, by the time you read this weíll be staring down the barrels of September. Letís be sure to watch out for the kids waiting for the bus again. Bear season opens September first, be careful out in the woods. Donít forget to apply for your antlerless deer permit by September 5, I hope this wasnít too late.

This is my favorite time of the year. The fruits and vegetables of the garden are ready, hunting and fishing is often amazing, and the temps are just perfect. I try to spend my days in the woods and on the water with friends and family over the next few months, I hope to see you out there.