Watts News
 Published for the members of North Itasca Electric Cooperative
VOL. 22 NO. 9  -  September 2019

How did Johnny reduce his heating and cooling bills?


In reading about ASHPs in the WATTS News, Johnny learned about potential savings he could obtain by installing a Mini Split system to replace the expensive window air conditioning units he was using.

Johnny removed the three window units and installed a 23 SEER Mini Split. He no longer needed three units, but just one. With the condensing unit located outside, the noise level also dropped. The system allows him to add additional evaporators to condition more than one room if he desires. For now, the one evaporator installed is satisfying Johnny’s cooling needs.

With the removal of the three units and now operating one system, Johnny’s electrical consumption has dropped from an average of $0.54 cent per hour to $0.20 cents per hour. That’s a reduction of 63 percent.

Cooling is not the only place Johnny is now saving, the window A/C units could only cool his home during the summer months. Now, with an ASHP, the home can be heated using the unit as well. Unlike air conditioners, ASHPs have a reversing valve that changes the flow of refrigerant providing hot refrigerant to the evaporators, resulting in heating the home. The greatest thing about ASHPs is that they can produce three times the amount of heat than the energy it takes to operate them. This means that in the shoulder months when temperatures are above 20 degrees, the heat pump can provide the home’s heating needs without turning on the normal heating system, lowering costs. For example: If the general service rate is $0.1249 per kWh, receiving three times the heat will reduce heating cost by a third, or $0.036 per kWh. This is even less expensive than North Itasca Electric’s Storage Heating Program of $0.47 per kWh.

In summary, Johnny is not only saving on cooling cost, but also on heating as well.