Budget Billing

North Itasca Electric’s Budget Billing Plan can level out your monthly power bills. You pay a fixed monthly electric bill each month on the due date. This service is free and works well with auto-pay. The budget amount is based on the average of the previous 12 months billing history. We recommend that you watch your energy usage while on the budget billing plan. If you expect an increase in usage you may want to increase the amount of your budget billing amount each month to make sure there is not a large amount owed at the end of the year.  

Note: If there is a large credit or large balance owing on the account, we may adjust the budget amount at any time.

Our budget true-up month is in June which is billed out on your July statement. The balance is due no later than the due date of your July statement. If you miss two consecutive budget payments, you will be removed from the program. You may cancel at any time. If you have an outstanding balance, it is due immediately. If you have a credit balance, it can be applied to future bills, or a refund check can be issued.

Members with active budgets are automatically re-enrolled at the end of the 12-month budget billing period.  Budgets are recalculated on the August Statement. To enroll in the Budget Billing program, please contact the billing department at (218) 743-1320 or the main desk at (218) 743-3131.

How to read your budget billing statement.

Previous Balance:  This is the balance from the previous month.
Payments:  Payment received from the previous month.
Electric Charges:  These are the actual electric charges for the current month.
Actual Balance:  This is your actual account balance.  This is what you want to watch to make sure it is not getting too far one way or the other.
Even Pay Amount:  This is the previous months budget amount plus the current charges for the month.
Total Due:  This is the amount due for the month on the Budget Billing Plan.