Energy Star Appliance Rebates: 2022

Dehumidifier: $25.00 — must be Energy Star listed

Dryer: $25.00 — must be Energy Star listed

Refrigerator or freezer harvest: $75.00 — when you remove an older unwanted “working” refrigerator or freezer from the distribution grid

Refrigerator – new construction: $0.00 — there is no energy savings when installing an additional appliance to the distribution grid

Refrigerator or freezer with recycling: $75.00 — when replacing an older less efficient working refrigerator and recycling it

High Efficiency Water Heating

50 gallon or 80 gallon Heat Pump Water Heaters: $500.00

ECM Motors for a hot water recycling pump: $50.00


AC Tune Up Rebate (for existing air conditioning equipment tune up): $25.00

WiFi thermostat: $25.00

Ground Source Heat Pumps (per ton): $400.00 — when installing new or replacing older equipment up to 5 tons.

Central Air Source Heat Pumps: $1,000.00 — when installing a central Air Source Heat Pump with a HSPF rating of 10 or highter.

Mini Split Air Source Heat Pump: $750.00 — when installing a ductless air source heat pump of any SEER rating.

ECM motors: $50.00 — when replacing a standard motor with an energy efficient ECM motor.


LED Home Lighting & Holiday bulbs: $1.00 each — with proof of purchase of LED light bulbs.

LED yard light: $30.00 — with proof of puchase of an LED yard light fixture.

Holiday string lighting: (see Great River Energy’s online store)

Load Management

ETS Space Heating: $5.00 per KW up to $1,000.00 — when installing storage space heating and placing equipment on North Itasca Electric’s storage heat control program.

ETS Water Heating: $400.00 — when installing a 100 gallon capacity water heater and placing it on North Itasca Electric’s storage water heating program.


Engine Block Heater Timer: $5.00 — with proof of purchase

Pool Programs

Pool ASHP: $400.00 — when heating pool with a heat pump pool heater