Energy Star Appliance Rebates: 2022

Dehumidifier: $25.00 — must be Energy Star listed

Dryer: $25.00 — must be Energy Star listed

Refrigerator or freezer harvest: $75.00 — when you remove an older unwanted “working” refrigerator or freezer from the distribution grid

Refrigerator – new construction: $0.00 — there is no energy savings when installing an additional appliance to the distribution grid

Refrigerator or freezer with recycling: $75.00 — when replacing an older less efficient “working” refrigerator and recycling it

High Efficiency Water Heating

50 gallon or 80 gallon Heat Pump Water Heaters: $500.00

ECM Motors for a hot water recycling pump: $50.00


AC Tune Up Rebate (for existing air conditioning equipment tune up): $25.00

WiFi thermostat: $25.00

Ground Source Heat Pump

Ductless Air Source Heat Pump

Central Air Source Heat Pump

In 2023, all central Air Source Heat Pump rebate forms must be filled out by a Quality Installation (QI) contractor which has been tested and certified in the installations of Air Source Heat Pumps. No rebates will be given until signed by a QI contractor. Rebate forms prepared and supplied by Great River Energy. Only QI contractors will have access to these forms. They will supply them for each of their installations. You can find a list of QI contractors under our Member Services tab, clicking on Contractor Lists tab, then the QI Certified Heating and Cooling HVAC Contractors tab. Or you can call our office.

Central Air Source Heat Pumps with HSPF rating of 8.2 – $500.00

Central Air Source Heat Pumps with HSPF rating of 9.0 – $800.00

Ductless Air Source Heat Pumps with primary heat being delivered fuels – $300.00

Ductless Air Source Heat Pumps with primary heat being electric – $500.00

ECM motors: $50.00 — when replacing a standard motor with an energy efficient ECM motor.


LED Home Lighting & Holiday bulbs: $2.00 each — with proof of purchase of LED light bulbs.

LED yard light: $30.00 — with proof of puchase of an LED yard light fixture.

Holiday string lighting: (see Great River Energy’s online store)

Load Management

ETS Water Heating: $400.00 — when installing a 100 gallon capacity water heater and placing it on North Itasca Electric’s storage water heating program.


Engine Block Heater Timer: $5.00 — with proof of purchase

Pool Programs

Pool ASHP: $400.00 — when heating pool with a heat pump pool heater