To provide electric service to all applicants within the Cooperative’s service area in accordance with the rules stated herein and based on sound principles of business. The Cooperative shall be reasonably assured that the costs of such services are recovered without undue burden to other members.


To assist real estate developers to make their property more saleable, the Cooperative will install electrical service to lots of platted sub-division providing the land developer requesting service.

The developer shall:

  1. Pay in advance a non-refundable Application Fee of $200.00 + tax. Application fee shall be valid for 12 months. If service is not constructed within 12 months, a new application fee shall apply.
  2. Provide the Cooperative with a map or drawing showing the final recorded plat including the location of the utility easements.
  3. Provide easements for the entire project free of any charge to the Cooperative.
  4. Install visible stakes at all lot corners.
  5. Provide for underground services in a location agreed on by the Cooperative, a construction grade in the easement right of way, which shall be not more than (4) four inches above finished grade.
  6. Pay full cost of construction for non-revenue producing services.
    • New construction $2,700.00 plus $6.00 per foot for single phase primary.
    • Pay all recording fees, cost for special permits, or lease agreements in addition to specialized equipment required for construction not routinely used by the Cooperative.
  7. Clear the right of way as follows: Overhead primary line requires a forty (40) foot corridor. Secondary lines (120/240v) require a twenty (20) foot corridor. Underground primary lines require a twenty (20) foot corridor. Right of way must be clean cut sky to ground, stumps cut to ground level and clear of obstructions.

The Cooperative shall:

  1. Provide all material up to the line side of the meter including the meter loop and socket for pole mounted meter. The Cooperative will not install or connect any metered wires.
  2. Attempt to obtain all other easements and special permits if required. The cost of such easements and or permits shall be the responsibility of the applicant.
  3. Services will be placed on the construction schedule when:
    • All forms are complete and on file with the Cooperative.
    • All fees, deposits, and contributions in aid to construction are paid.
    • Right of way is cleared to the satisfaction of the Cooperative.
    • Development meets all zoning requirements as established by City, Township, County, State, or Federal authorities.
  4. Construction season shall run from June 1 through November 1. Quotes not paid in full prior to the end of construction season shall incur a frost charge of an additional $10.00 per foot. If no frost is incurred during construction, the frost charges shall be refunded.
  5. Remove trees endangering its wires. Maintain the facilities on the line side of the meter clear and widen right of way after initial clearing by the applicant.
  6. Reserve the right, based on service conditions and business economics, to determine whether new construction will be overhead or underground.