Repair Tips // Roxanne’s Wisdoms

Nothing is more frustrating then when you go to use your water dispenser on your refrigerator and no water comes out. This problem is usually caused by one of two things. The first thing to check is to make sure the water tube in the door isn’t frozen? This tube is located where you put your glass under to fill it. You can buy an “Ice Surrender kit” which looks just like what you would get from a dentist to flush a pulled tooth out, but it has a small hose on the end. You would fill the syringe with hot water and stick the hose up the water line and keep flushing the hot water until the ice melts and you have water again. If that doesn’t work, check to make sure you have enough water pressure. The minimum water pressure is 20 psi. If neither of these things fix your problem, you might want to call a repair man.

I get a lot of calls about the refrigerator not cooling right in the summer when the humidity is high, and the temperatures are up. The first thing I would ask “is there any chance that the refrigerator was left open for a while?” Young kids are great for going in the refrigerator and giving the door a push but not shutting it all the way. I ask this because it doesn’t take to long for the coils to frost up when the refrigerator is open a lot. If the refrigerator is not very old and has been working well and suddenly isn’t working right. I would suggest unplugging & unloading the refrigerator and freezer into a cooler or additional refrigerator and leave the doors open and let the refrigerator thaw for several hours. Then after everything is thawed plug the refrigerator back in and put a thermometer in the refrigerator part to see if the temperature gets to 34-40 degrees F, then check the freezer to see if the temperature is 0 degrees F. A lot of times this will fix the problem. If it doesn’t then call for service.