Heating Systems Are Beginning To Run

Is your heating system ready for the coming winter? Whether you have an older or newer system, it’s always good to have it checked out before placing it in service.

 In our area, our homes need heat for seven months when considering shoulder months of October and April. Even in September of this year, cooler mornings have kicked on systems. Things one can do to prepare your heating system are:

1. Switch your thermostat to heating mode and turn it up to about room temperature listening for a click. If nothing happens, check to make sure the blower fan switch is on.  

2. Change the air filter. If you have a permanent electrostatic filter, you should wash it. Keeping your filters clean keeps particles out of your system.

3. Clean and inspect the heat exchanger. Check for cracks which can lead to carbon monoxide escaping into your home.

4. Clean the blower motor. If your motor is one that needs lubrication, lubricate the bearings.

5.  Test the igniter. On older system you will need to light the pilot light, on newer systems, if the ignitor isn’t working, push the reset button, if that doesn’t work, check the breaker.

6. If you have an oil furnace, replace your oil filter and nozzle. Also check your tank levels.